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Motivation by Normani | Joel Fishel Beatbox Loop Cover feat. George Fowler & Jacob Leeson

thenoiseboys trio are back with another cover of "Motivation" by Normani. We've finished off our Edinburgh Fringe run now which ...

Issues by Julia Michaels - Joel Fishel Loop Cover (ft. Daisy Tempest)

I did this lovely little cover with the immensely talented Daisy Tempest. She's a luthier which is someone who makes guitars (oooo, ...

How Do You Sleep? by Sam Smith | Joel Fishel (Beatbox) Cover

My First upload on my own YouTube channel woo!! If you enjoy this cover of How Do You Sleep by Sam Smith then please share ...

How I Make A Typical Joel Fishel Cover - Quarantine Vlog #1

YES THAT'S RIGHT DAILY VIDEOS WOOO. This is the behind the scenes of my latest cover "If The World Was Ending" and the ...

EVERY UK NO.1 IN 2016 - Jack and Joel

SOCIAL MEDIA: Youtube: @jackandjoelmusic Instagram: @jackandjoel1 @jackremmington @joelfishel Snapchat: ...

If The World Was Ending (bit ironic AM I RIGHT!?) - Joel Fishel Cover

Exciting news. I'm going to be trying to daily vlog through isolation so expect a YouTube video of sorts every single blimmin day!

What do I REALLY think about Jack? - Quarantine Vlog #3

did a lil Q&A for ya'lllal'lll. soz for clickbait lol unluckayyyyy. Hope you enjoy!!! sub lik n com

Nothing Left Behind The Scenes - Jack and Joel

Here's some fun behind the scenes footage from our debut music video of Nothing Left. A huge thank you to everyone involved in ...

Writing an original song in 2 hours (god help me...)

gonna try writing a song with you guys LIVE. come hang and have funnnn.

Might do a cover but wanna hang out!?!?!?

i lik chess n i lik math n i lik musk.

Rather Be - Charity Single - Clean Bandit - Out of the Blue

To download the charity single, go to Global Dream is a non-profit initiative that aims to promote ...

Out of the Blue - Edinburgh show 2015

Out of the Blue are proud to present their five-star show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015. Tickets are AVAILABLE ...

sad forever. (Joel Fishel Acoustic Cover)

it's ok to be sad. it's ok to ask for help and it's ok to take medication for your depression. x.


ya boy sean and myself are writing some smash hits. Come join. Come suggest things. Copyright is very much ours, don't even try ...

Summer Sets (Ten Over Nine remake) - Joel Fishel Original

This is a remake of a song I made with my brother when I was 15 years old in the band Ten Over Nine. I've overlayed the original ...

Joel Fishel Beatbox Solo

Keble College, Oxford. 11th March 2015.

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