Lynsey de Paul – video

Lynsey De Paul ‎– Best of Lynsey De Paul

Lynsey De Paul ‎– Best of Lynsey De Paul (Jet years) Drums - Terry Cox Guitar - Chris Rae Bass guitar and string bass - Dave ...

Lynsey De Paul - All Night (1973)

TV Show 'Top A Gérard Lenorman' (France)

Lynsey De Paul - No Honestly

No Honestly received an Ivor Novello award. It was used as the theme tune to a hit ITV comedy of the same name. It also provided ...

Lynsey de Paul ♕ Transformation From 24 To 66 Years OLD

Lynsey de Paul was an English singer-songwriter. She had chart hits in the UK and Europe in the 1970s, starting with the UK top ...

Eurovision 1977: UK - Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran - Rock Bottom

From "Top of the pops" Eurovision Song Contest 1977 - 2. place.

Lynsey De Paul ‎- Strange Changes (1981)

1981 single from British singer / songwriter Lynsey De Paul.

Lynsey De Paul ~ ' Storm In A Teacup' 1972

As performed on the Two Ronnies. Written by Lynsey De Paul and Ron Roker. One drop of rain on your window pane Doesn't ...

Lynsey De Paul - Ooh I Do

Lynsey De Paul - Ooh I Do.

Dreams - Lynsey de Paul

Dreams was written and produced by Lynsey de Paul and first appeared on her 1975 album "Love Bomb" as well as being the ...

Lynsey de Paul - All Night 1973

Lynsey de Paul ‎- All Night 1973 Don't'cha think I'm like a spider Spinning lies Won't'cha step inside my parlour Little fly My oh my, ...

No Honestly - Lynsey De Paul (live performance)

superb version performed live on UK TV.

Twas - Lynsey de Paul

Twas, written by Lynsey de Paul and Rupert Holmes (of "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" fame), nwas track 4 on side B of ...

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