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Happy 15th Birthday to Marius Yo ★ ❀ ♡ ♪

Happy 15th Birthday to Marius Yo ☆ ❀ ♡ ♪ 30/3/2015.

Sexy Zone as iconic vines

I'm bored so i did this stan Sexy Zone. stan kento nakajima, kikuchi fuma, shori sato, sou matsushima and marius yo from Johnny's ...

Japanese celebrities speaking English 7

Compilation Part 7. All credit goes to original videos. Rika Ishikawa Rinko Kikuchi So Matsushima Marius Yo Minami Tanaka ...

BL Gakuen 3 Nen A Gumi subbed

[2014.01.01] YOU コントしちゃいなよ(YOU Konto Shichaina yo)

Morning Musume'17 & Sexy Zone - LOVE Machine Vostfr + Romaji

LOVE Machine de Morning Musume'17 Membres du groupe : - Mizuki Fukumura (Leader, 9ème génération) - Erina Ikuta ...

sexyzone interview

marius is too adorable.

Japanese celebrities speaking English 8

Compilation Part 8. credit goes to original videos. Subs are available for some parts. Unfortunately, my part 3 compilation has ...

Marius falling off the stage

I honestly was freaking out in till he came back on stage.

[JAPAN] Marius Yo Tribute - a member of "SexyZONE," a J-pop group

This video introduces u to Mr. Marius Yo (a stage name); his real name is Marius Schmich Yo Seiryu Julius. He is a German ...

MARIUS YO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! マリウス葉、お誕生日おめでとう!!

Happy Birthday Marius Yo! Marius yo you sexy zone sato shori satou shouri nakajima kento kikuchi fuuma fuma matsushima so ...

Marius Yo - GLITTER

この動画は私が作ったものではありません。 音声無しで上がっていた動画に音楽をつけたものです。

Je réagis a l'événement final de fortnite saison 12!!

yo les potes nouvelle vidéo sur l'apocalypse provoquer par Midas instagram : marius_ytb email pro : [email protected]

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