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"Compulsory Hero" Normie Rowe

Normie Rowe does the classic Garry Frost penned song "Compulsory Hero" - 30 years after it was a hit for 1927 from their debut ...

Skaking All Over, Normie Rowe

Feat, Mark Kennedy , Dai Pritchard, Jamie Rigg, Bob Birtles, Jimmy Slogett, China Walker, Harry Brus.

Normie Rowe - Ooh La La (1966)

Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1966: Normie Rowe performing 'Ooh La La' on the ATV-10 program The Go!

Normie Rowe - It's Not Easy (Uptight) 1968

Live TV performance of Normie Rowe performing "It's Not Easy" live on Uptight 1968.

Normie Rowe - It aint necessarily so

Normie Rowe - It ain't necessarily so , Normies first No. 1 hit in 1965 , ( 4 weeks at No. 1 ) . "I was always enthralled by the black ...

Normie Rowe - Tell Him I'm Not Home 1965

Live TV performance of Normie Rowe performing "Tell Him I'm Not Home" from 1965.

Normie Rowe - Ooh La La

Normie Rowe - Ooh La La ,1966 ,Australian ,No.1 (6 weeks) In September 1966 Normie travelled to England, where he recorded ...

Normie Rowe - Shakin All Over (National Bandstand) 1965

Normie Rowe performing "Shakin All Over" live on National Bandstand 1965.

Normie Rowe - Bring Him Home (from Les Mis)

Aussie rock legend Normie delivers this beautiful, emotional performance...just wow ! From 1988 or thereabouts...I think.

Normie Rowe still haunted by war

I just held him and I pulled my pistol out and put it to his head...and I thought what have I turned into?" In 1968 Normie Rowe was ...

Normie Rowe's Battle With Dark Times | Studio 10

Aussie music legend Normie Rowe talks about his time in the Vietnam War and raising awareness and support for people ...

Normie Rowe - I Who Have Nothing (National Bandstand) 1965

Live TV performance of Normie Rowe performing "I Who Have Nothing" live on National Bandstand in 1965.

Normie Rowe - Shakin' All Over

Normie Rowe - Shakin' All Over.

Normie Rowe - I Just Don't Understand (1965)

Normie Rowe performing I Just Don't Understand (1965)


Vietnam VETERANS Dedication song Missing in Action by Normie Rowe with sepia photo collage.

Vietnam War Photos With Australian Normie Rowe

From A Century in Pictures The Age.

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