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"Stars" Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (Cover by Savannah Sanabia)

Hi everyone! Here is my cover of "Stars" by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals! Enjoy! Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and ...

Olivia Sanabia - "Stars Crossed" Acoustic Version (Official Music Video)

This is the Official Music Video for the acoustic version of my single "Stars Crossed". I hope you guys love it! Co-Directors: Chris ...

Siblings Know Best with Olivia Sanabia | Coop & Cami Ask the World | Disney Channel

Olivia Sanabia sits down with her siblings on their family vacation to see which sibling knows her the best! Watch Coop & Cami ...

"Afterthought" (Original Song By Savannah Sanabia)

Please enjoy another of my original songs, "Afterthought" that I performed at a Belcourt Taps Writer's Round with Neon Leaf Media ...

Sam Smith- Stay With Me (Cover) Savannah Sanabia

Hey guys! This is my cover of Sam Smith's song, "Stay With Me." I will be posting new covers and original songs every Tuesday!

"Not A Sad Song" Original By Savannah Sanabia (feat. Josh Higbee)

Please enjoy my original copyrighted duet, "Not A Sad Song". Thank you to my talented friend Josh Higbee for singing it with me!

"Carry Me Home" (Original Song By Savannah Sanabia)

Hello lovelies! This is one of my COPYRIGHTED original songs called, "Carry Me Home." I hope this inspires you to trust in ...

"The Christmas Song" Cover + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

In this video, I sing "The Christmas Song"! The perfect way to get in the holiday spirit!

“Inevitable” (Original Song by Savannah Sanabia)

some things aren't meant to be but it hurts less to make believe every once in a while so this is a little song I wrote about that & i ...

Spell My Name Right (Live Performance Original Song by Savannah Sanabia)

This is one of my original songs,(Spell My Name Right,) that I played on open mic night at It's A Grind on May 30, 2013. Enjoy and ...

My Name Is... Anti-Bullying Original Song By: Savannah Sanabia

This is another one of my original songs, (My Name Is,) that I played on my first open mic night at It's A Grind on March 21, 2013.

"Symptoms" Cover Savannah Sanabia

Hi! This is a cover I performed on October 17, 2013 at an open mic night. It's "Symptoms" by the amazing Atlas Genius. Please feel ...

“Chasing” Original Song By: Savannah Sanabia

Chasing”, written in May of 2019, is about feeling empty and learning how to find joy in whatever your situation is. (This song is ...

"When Los Angeles Awakes" By: Savannah Sanabia

Hey! This is another of my original songs called, "When Los Angeles Awakes." I performed it at an open mic night at It's A Grind on ...

"When Los Angeles Awakes" By: Savannah Sanabia

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! This is one of my original songs,"When Los Angeles Awakes," (IT IS COPYRIGHTED.) I got a chance ...

Savannah Sanabia- Setter Class of 2022 - 575 Volleyball - 16-2 Wes

Watch Savannah's skills video which includes her 2020 tournament schedule!

"Cherry Wine" Hozier (Cover)

Hello everyone! I have fallen in love with this song "Cherry Wine" by Hozier, and thought I should share this cover with you guys!

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